Essential reading for Parents.

Over the past few weeks I have been running a notice with regard to a Friday evening bus route to facilitate young people of the area wanting to go to Longford to the Youth Forum, Megabowl, the cinema or the sports complex at the Mall Complex. The bus leaves Lanesboro from O’Brien’s Corner at 8pm and will depart the Market Square on the return trip at 11.30pm. This is an outstanding service offered by Longford Community Resources and one the eligible young people of the area should take up. This is a pilot scheme and unless there is an expressed interest and take up of the service it will come to an untimely finish. Parents are asked to discuss this facility with their sons and daughters.

It would be great if this opportunity was taken up by the youth of our area. It would be much preferred than the current situation that prevails where a big number of the young people go down under the bridge and also at the children’s playground for drinking sessions. This has been going on for some time now and it is essential that this cycle is broken. The young people need to see that there is a lot more and a better life other than sitting under the bridge or in the children’s playground drinking cans of beer and cheap wine. The danger is that there are also other substances being used.

Parents should be aware that this is happening and before a new generation becomes ingrained in this highly illegal and unhealthy lifestyle they must take action to ensure their sons and daughters do not become caught up in this web of binge drinking etc. Parents should always be aware as where their young people are at all times.

We often hear the complaint from the youth of the area that there is nothing to do around town! Sadly that is not the case in our area, there is and has been GAA clubs on both sides of the bridge, Badminton, Boxing, Athletic, Rowing, Sailing and Soccer clubs to name but a few that offers much more than games and sport.

The County Longford Youth Service workers run a facility in St. Mary’s Parish Hall for under 14s every Friday and it is sad to learn that this is now in jeopardy due to the lack of numbers and interest shown by the youth of the area. The preferred option is to bypass all for a trip under the bridge or onto the children’s playground. This is horrendous and should be discouraged not alone money to buy the quantities of drink and how at such young ages they can purchase it. For the health and benefit of both the young people and the community this cannot be allowed to continue when there are so many options available

The past few weeks in the area has been a credit to the community with three hugely successful events that displayed the undisputed talent and volunteerism that is so alive in our community. More and more volunteers are required to help with all events and in particular youth events on an ongoing basis and the example set by adults will rub off on their young as they grow into adulthood. The recent extremely successful events show that volunteerism is not confined solely to the adults of the area and that there is a place for the youth in all these events. We encourage young and old to work hand in hand in the number of events that are being planned for the rest of the year. The opportunity is there to encourage the young people to get involved and believe me and their positive response of help will be warmly welcomed by the organisers with open arms. We must all do our best for the betterment and progression of our community and any unsocial behaviour reflects badly on us as a community.

If you have any need to contact the transport provider you can do so by ringing Anthony at 087-9004876. This new Friday evening service to and from Longford is a fare-paying route, “the more that travels-the less you pay”.

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